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The commissioning process
Japanese Blossom Kitchen Sketch + Quote




The commissioning process can take several forms depending on the client’s requirements, but in all cases, it demands an important level of trust; after all, the client is depending on the furniture maker to produce something outstanding, a true ‘one off’. This trust is instilled by our long history of production at the highest level, the quality of service, clear communication, and honest procedures. 


The commissioning process can start with a client bringing a concept design to us, an idea. At this point we will discuss the design and give a timescale for production and a price for manufacture and delivery. If approved, we will produce visual renderings and technical drawings to ensure we are making exactly what is desired. 

The more common way to commission is for a Furniture, Interior Designer or Architect to present us with drawn up proposals, from which we will give a quotation. Subject to acceptance we will produce full technical “shop” drawings as necessary, with construction details, giving a full understanding to both the client and the craftsmen how the piece is to be made.  

If the furniture is to be fitted, we will carry out a site survey to record exact site dimensions and to inform the proposed structural requirements and also to check access onto the site for smooth delivery.

Once in production we liaise regularly with the client to keep them informed about how things are progressing and to arrange a delivery date, and if required, a fitting date.  

Kitchen sketch
Kitchen technical drawings elevations n
Japanese Blossom Kitchen Render
The making process
MAW - The Making Process


Whether we produce the technical drawings ourselves or they are provided to us, we follow the same procedures for manufacture.


The main area of our work is to liaise very closely with highly talented furniture designers and architects. Over the years we have supplied them with high quality, timely, and cost-effective furniture and installations. This work is the core and bedrock of our business.

From the Computer Aided Design (CAD) technical drawings we can optimise the most effective way of making the components. For example, our 5-axis CNC will manufacture both simple and complex component pieces to within an accuracy of less than 0.1mm quickly and efficiently. We always use a combination of the appropriate machines and hand-tools to manufacture from our cutting lists. Although we use modern technology for some of the machining, all of our work combines time honoured handskills and craftsmanship to achieve the high quality and hand finished excellence.

Leather upholstered table base

We are proud to have a highly skilled team of talented craftsmen, who do nothing else but craft pieces of furniture and joinery. We have a second-to-none reputation for quality and precision, with a deeply embedded appreciation and understanding of the materials and sound construction techniques that is essential to the commissioning of luxury furniture and installations.


Clients are encouraged to visit our workshop in Whitby, to meet the craftsmen and see their commissions in production. At all stages we will see you through from envisioning to creation.

MAW - The Spray Booth
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