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We make furniture that is striking and unique. The final product is the result of masterful design, the informed choice of materials used, the appropriate method of construction together with the overall form and finish. We work with a wide range of materials:- timbers and veneers, metals, glass, stone, resins, leathers and many varied applied specialist finishes. The incorporation of marquetry, inlayed metals, sophisticated mechanical features and secret compartments serve to create subtle interesting focal points for often highly complex pieces of furniture and luxury joinery.

We put our hearts into our work and go the extra mile to create statement pieces of the utmost luxury and quality. High levels of accuracy, methodology and attention to detail is very important, and the Interior Designers for whom we work demand this focussed discipline as our pieces furnish some of the most luxurious properties in the world, including Royal Palaces, Super Prime Residences, Hotels and Superyachts.

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Over 30 years Mark Asplin Whiteley has earned a reputation for making unique, bespoke luxury furniture, often described as “Statement Pieces”. Perhaps less well known is that we also make and fit joinery to the same exacting standards. Demand for high quality joinery has never been greater with an increasing number of clients demanding the same degree of attention to detail and cabinetmaking skills in architectural joinery, dressing rooms, bars, and fitted libraries, as they enjoy in their freestanding furniture.

MAW- Quality Joinery
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One of our strengths is our ability to get the details right, both in the workshop and on site. This means that when we fit architectural joinery, panelling, doors and jib doors etc, thought is given to both the technical design and the manufacturing processes with fitting in mind. Our commitment to high quality means that the process of assembly and fitting on site is highly efficient and accurate. Dozens of luxury London properties have MAW installations, with many more in New York, Moscow, Stockholm and beyond.

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Elegance and sound practicality. MAW kitchens are works of art in themselves. The peace that can be derived from cooking and resting in a well designed kitchen cannot be underestimated and will complement a lifestyle, whether you’re a chef, or whether your wish is to bring order into your busy day.


Our in-house designers will attune to your senses and wishes, work to your budget, and go beyond what you hoped for, whether you’re wanting quiet lines and clean surfaces, luxurious traditional form, or expressive marquetry which will transport you to maybe rest under Japanese blossom or to a boating trip on rippling seas under skies of varying hues... All paired with the quality of the craftsmanship, MAW kitchens are an investment that will be appreciated and enjoyed through daily use and over time.

Superyacht Interiors


MAW have many years of extensive experience in supplying into the

ON-DECK and INTERIOR super yacht furniture market, collaborating with design market leaders. We work closely with boat-yards and interior designers to bring their visions to life whilst focussing on the stringent demand for ocean worthy materials and methods. At MAW we understand the technologies and quality-demands that are necessary to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients. We don’t cut corners in terms of quality, process or materials. More in-depth photos of our furniture and super yacht interiors can be seen in our extensive private portfolio. We at MAW are currently developing our own ranges of on-deck furniture which includes a range of seating, loungers and tables. We would be happy to present these to prospective clients who are procuring furniture for current and future super yacht projects.

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