Care and Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who’s bound to have some characteristic of Quality
— Robert M. Pirsig

Why choose Mark Asplin Whiteley?



It takes many years of experience to build up the knowledge needed to be able to consistently achieve the highest quality in design, construction, and finish. We have consistently performed at the highest levels and we only work at the luxury end of the furniture and fitting markets. Our makers are never asked to adjust their quality levels down.

Almost all our work is made in our own workshops in Whitby. 
We always have complete control over the making process. We differentiate from some competitors in the market, as they can only subcontract out the work to different workshops, resulting in varying quality of the making and finishing. If it is crucial to meet client's needs in terms of volume or deadline, we may contact one of our long standing trusted subcontractors as necessary.



If we do use a subcontractor, we will only ever use a trusted maker, invariably a small satellite workshop run by a maker that used to work for us as an employee and therefore is trained to work to the same high standard. Our making expertise allows for problem-free commissioning as we are 'talking the same language'. We check the work prior to lacquering in our finishing booths, and we reassemble the piece in our own workshop. Consistency of finish is a crucial aspect of the process to achieve a uniformity of finish and quality.


We have over five years of experience in supplying to the demanding on-deck super yacht market. Usual materials would be solid andveneered teak, with an oiled finish, glass, stone and marine grade mirror finish stainless steel which can be welded and jet cut as necessary. We have worked closely with suppliers to formulate ways of bonding these materials to ensure the integrity of the on deck pieces, coupled with a rigorous procedure for protection against the elements by the owners, ensuring that our pieces have a healthy lifespan in the harshest of environments.    


We have an enviable ability to handle large fitted projects from libraries to dressing rooms. The senior cabinet maker will assemble a small team of makers from within our workshop. We control the job from start to finish, and only send the team leader and our own staff for fitting on site to ensure a clean, precise, quality fit. If we make it, we fit it. 


We have two spray booths with highly skilled finishers. A standard open grain finish would be AC lacquer. We have many years of experience in the higher build finishes, building up many coats to produce a high gloss finish of polyester, polyurethane or acrylic, depending on the piece. We can flat this back and buff with polishing compounds to a mirror finish, or 'knock it back' to a full grain satin finish. 


New Technology AND MATERIALS

At Mark Asplin Whiteley, our forte is to be able to engage with new trends and technologies, using our pragmatic, problem solving approach to commissions to push back the boundaries of design and construction for our clients.

We have engaged with 5 axis CNC work on inert substrate materials to which veneers, metal or lacquer are applied. We have significant experience in working with metals such as brass, sheet nickel, stainless steel, patinated brass, plated gold and liquid metal that is sprayed onto pieces. 



All our furniture is carefully wrapped and protected whilst at the workshop. It's loaded by us onto one of our vans and delivered directly to your door. Our own experienced delivery men will position your furniture, dust it carefully, and carefully remove all packaging from site. If the furniture needs comprehensive assembly, the maker will travel to put it together to ensure it all runs smoothly. We often deliver to the continent and have our work exported all over the world in tailor-made crates built at the workshop.

MAW DecoDesk. Roswood, Nickel mirror finish, lacquer and Oak drawers.

MAW DecoDesk. Roswood, Nickel mirror finish, lacquer and Oak drawers.



There are many measures of quality - every decision and choice made by the designer and craftsman goes to add, or goes to subtract, from the end result. Everything matters.

Choice of timber, choice of grain, veneer, colour, inlay. 
Choice of chisel or tool, method of construction. 
Choice of craftsman and specialist subcontractor.
Choice of lacquer, sheen level, choice of leather, steel, mother of pearl, eglomise, gilding, vellum. 
Choice of carver, turner or metalworker.
Each one adds or subtracts. 
At Mark Asplin Whiteley, each choice is understood and implemented. 
People just 'know' when they see our work. 
It's why we are chosen over and over by clients who want....Quality.

Mark Asplin Whiteley, where Quality is understood.