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Mark Asplin Whiteley - Logo
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Mark Asplin Whiteley - Logo

In 1988 I set up my own workshop near Cirencester in Gloucestershire, making furniture almost exclusively for David Linley, having previously been his workshop manager. As demand grew, I built up a workforce of 15 hand-picked craftsmen by the mid 90’s, working at the highest level, making extraordinary furniture and installations.

In 1997 I relocated to my home town of Whitby some 200 miles north, a two hour Intercity train from London via Kings Cross station to York, then a one hour car ride over the beautiful heather covered North Yorkshire moors to Whitby. Most of the craftsmen moved with me, passionate about working at this level of craftsmanship, it proving to be a natural choice. There, with a modern 20,000 square foot workshop and significant investment in machinery and other facilities, I expanded the business further.

Over the ensuing 20 years we have attracted the attention of many prominent Interior and Furniture Designers, Yacht Designers and Specifiers, both in the UK and abroad, through the reputation for the quality of the furniture and service offered by my business.

At Mark Asplin Whiteley, we aim for perfection at the luxury end of furniture and fitting markets. We have been producing high quality bespoke furniture for Luxury Residences, Hotels, Commercial Properties and Superyachts for over thirty years, developing skills and exploring innovative modern technologies to support the art of the designer. We have a comprehensive understanding of the creation process and have long-standing relationships with our existing clients, who trust in our ability to always achieve the highest standards of Quality in the Craft of Furniture making. 

We offer outstanding service and open communication during the design and the manufacturing processes.  Working with exclusive and highly talented Furniture Designers and Interior Designers, we are well reputed for manufacturing furniture and installations to the highest quality, on schedule and on budget.

Many of our craftsmen have been with Mark for over 25 years, which speaks volumes for their dedication and sense of achievement… there is literally nowhere better!

Mark Whiteley, CEO of MAW
Mark Whiteley, CEO
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